About Us

Tatasu Co., Ltd provides advice, consultation, design
as well as manufacturer and distributor of ARC Welding Machine, metal plating
machine, controls, transformers and accessories. We have been in business for
more than 22 years an is well known throughout the region for the products
under TATASU brand.

We have a team of professionals and qualified electrical and
electronics engineers equipped with mechanical knowledge ready to serve our
customers quickly and thoroughly.

We manufacture and sell

  • Spot Welding Machine
  • Spot Welder
  • Motorcycle Wheel Rim Bolt Weld
  • Projection Welding Machine
  • Seam Welder
  • Wire Mesh Machines
  • Grating Welding Machines
  • Trust Welding Machines
  • Machine Back Panels
  • Panel Rolling Machines
  • Wire Mesh Fabrication Machines
  • Heat Exchangers Panel
  • Shearing Machines
  • Electroplate Machine
  • SCR System (Fan Cooling)
  • SCR System (Oil Cooling)
  • Controller for Spot Welder
  • Controls (Digital)
  • Controls (Analog)
  • Control Boxes for Electroplate Machines
  • Control Boxes for ARC Machines
  • Battery Charger for Forklift

We also provide excellent after-sales service with spare
parts, service and repair for all types of ARC machines and Welding Machines.

Do contact us for any inquiries

Tatasu Co., Ltd

TEL: 02-840-0202-3, 081-823-1955, 089-884-5999, 094-770-0999